Treatment of Lipoedema Using Liposuction

Treatment of Lipoedema Using Liposuction

Rapprich S, Baum S, Kaak I, Kottmann T, Podda M; 2015

Synopsis: This article is about liposuction as a part of an effective treatment for lipoedema.

Abstract: BACKGROUND: Lipedema is a painful, genetically induced, abnormal deposition of subcutaneous fat in the extremities of women. The pathogenesis is unknown. Also unknown is the number of women affected in Germany. This study presents the epidemiology of the disease. There are currently two treatment options available: Complex physical decongestive therapy and liposuction. Liposuction is the only method that removes fat permanently. An additional study proves its effectiveness and highlights its vital role as part of a comprehensive treatment concept.

PATIENTS AND METHODS: As part of the epidemiological research, all patients of a general practioner were examined for leg problems. The liposuction study included the pre- and postoperative examination of 85 patients, which was carried out using a questionnaire.

RESULTS: Lipedema were diagnosed in 5 % of all patients of the GP practice. In all 85 patients liposuction significantly reduced pain, bruising and the tendency of swelling in the extremities. It therefore led to a significant improvement in the quality of life of the patients.

CONCLUSION: Lipedema is a relatively common disorder among women. Liposuction forms part of an effective treatment plan, when it is used in conjunction with pre- and postoperative complex physical decongestive therapy, a sports program, treatment of concomitant obesity, as well as psychological support, if needed. Therefore a comprehensive treatment plan should be aimed at for a succesful result.

APA Citation: Rapprich, S., Baum, S., Kaak, I., Kottmann, T., & Podda, M. (2015). Treatment of lipoedema using liposuction. Phlebologie, 44(3), 121-132.

AMA Citation: Rapprich S, Baum S, Kaak I, Kottmann T, Podda M. Treatment of lipoedema using liposuction. Phlebologie. 2015;44(3):121-132. doi:10.12687/phleb2265-3-2015.

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  • Teri says:

    I would love to stay informed. Never knew this existed and now how my legs look make sense.

  • Stefania says:

    Now only if Canada acknoedge Lipedema as an actual serious condition that would be so appreciated.

  • Sonja Rossouw says:

    Good day,
    Where can I find a list of registered specialist that perform the WAL in South Africa? Durban or Pretoria area?

    • Catherine Seo says:

      There is a directory of providers under the “resources” tab though I don’t know of anyone that does WAL in South Africa.

  • Betty-Lou Wells says:

    There needs to be more Doctors with knowledge of this condition!

  • Jennifer knopp says:

    Hi I was wondering if you could send me a list of doctors that specialize in lipedema in Ontario Canada.

  • Stacy Cannariato says:

    Thank you for all the work you have done and continue to do Catherine. I was diagnosed in 1998 with Lipedema while attending a PT continuing education course about Lymphedema. You have inspired me to start spreading the awareness of Lipedema, more than to just those who know me. I am arranging some lunch and learns at hospitals and universities in my area. I would love to show parts of your documentary, would that be okay.

    Being a physical therapist, massage therapist and person with Lipedema; I would welcome your thoughts and guidance on ways I can help move the project forward especially the awareness in the medical community.

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