Dan & Jenni Loeffler Laps for Lipedema

Dan Loeffler contacted us at the Lipedema Project well over a year ago. He wanted to focus on creating a service project during his final year in high school that would raise awareness about lipedema. He has seen his mother, Jenni, struggle with her own lipedema and he wanted to make a difference.

Dan wrote us, “I chose to organize Laps for Lipedema because my mom, Jenni Loeffler, was diagnosed with lipedema last year. She has been fighting through a lot of pain for many years and has done her best to be as active as she used to be before all of her symptoms started, even though it is incredibly difficult for her to complete certain tasks. I love my mom very much and it hurts me to see her suffer like she does.”

“She has tried so many different methods to help but none have succeeded. I decided to put together a 5K fundraiser for my senior project so people like my mother can finally get answers and start living life how it should be lived. 

I had a wonderful number of participants and many of them donated money over and above their race registration fees. In the end, we raised over $2,000 which well exceeded my initial goal of $500. Many have congratulated me on my accomplishment of putting together such a successful event.”

Dan and his mom Jenni

Jenni wrote us too! “It touches me deeply that Dan chose to do a senior project that would help to both raise awareness of and funds for a disease that has changed my life and the lives of so many others. This condition is likely to have been passed down to my daughter and will continue on through my grandchildren and theirs and so on until we find a cure. Corporate sponsorship paid the costs for the event, so 100% of participant donations have been directly donated to the Lipedema Project. I couldn’t be more proud of all of the work my son did to get this accomplished!”

We add to the CONGRATULATIONS for Dan! You have made a significant contribution to the Lipedema Community.

Dan and Jenni’s generous donation was matched by Dr. Mark L. Smith and the Friedman Center. Because of their generosity, we are able to launch LIPEDEMA UNIVERSITY to the lipedema community FREE.

Dr Mark Smith and Catherine Seo – Co-Directors, The Lipedema Project


Lipedema University will be coming soon during June.

THANK YOU Dan and Jenni Loeffler. You are making a difference in raising awareness and moving education about lipedema forward. We only wish we could have joined you all at the 5K, we love the Laps for Lipedema medals you sent us. We have had our own marathon of sorts with raising awareness and providing education about lipedema so join with you in this celebration.