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Lipedema Simplified and Lipedema Project Appoint Lisa Duerre as New Managing Director

Esteemed Business Executive, Speaker, and Leadership Development Leader Brings Expertise and Passion to Lipedema Simplified Before Virtual Conference Event


Lipedema Simplified is pleased to formally announce the appointment of Lisa Duerre as its Managing Director. Duerre has been working with Lipedema Simplified for the past year and was inspired to take a more active role after her own experience of living with lipedema. As the Co-Founder and CEO of the RLD Group, a WBENC-certified woman-owned leadership development coaching and consulting firm, Duerre comes to Lipedema Simplified with more than 20 years as a leading executive in Fortune 500 tech companies in Silicon Valley.

“As someone who suffers from lipedema, this role will enable me to combine my passion for creating inclusive cultures where wellbeing and burnout prevention are prioritized with my lived experience and personal mission to raise awareness for and empower women with lipedema,” said Lisa Duerre, RLD Group CEO & Co-Founder.

“My mission for years has been to help leaders, teams, and companies elevate their organization’s leadership development programs, organizational culture initiative, and burnout prevention efforts to create workplaces that work for everyone. Leveraging my more than 20 years of experience as an executive and leadership development strategist in this appointment as the Managing Director to Lipedema Simplified and Lipedema Project is the opportunity of a lifetime. Working with CEO Catherine Seo and the expert team to help inform and empower the 1 in 11 women living with lipedema is incredibly meaningful and aligns well with the mission and values we hold at RLD Group.”

Duerre has focused the last seven years working with leaders, teams, and companies to take culture transformation out of the clouds, eradicate burnout, and drive bottom-line results to create workplaces that work for everyone. She has seen firsthand the need for more workplace awareness of women’s health issues and the need for workplace flexibility. She brings her 20-year corporate executive experience, small business owner insights, and lived expertise as a Mom with a career in tech to Lipedema Simplified and Lipedema Project. She hosts the popular Ctrl+Alt+Delete with Lisa Duerre™ podcast, and her thought leadership has been presented in NBC, CBS, ABC, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Entrepreneur, WomLead Magazine, FeedSpot, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Romper, The Mercury News, and more.

Duerre’s appointment is also aptly timed with Lipedema Simplified’s seventh virtual event just on the horizon. On October 27, 28, and 29 next month, the three-day virtual conference Lipedema & Lymphedema Heart to Heart: Me, You, We, Us will be offered as a community virtual learning event.

Heart to Heart October 2023

The event will deliver new information for recently diagnosed individuals and lipedema veterans, as well as offer insightful collaborative sessions with expert speakers, patients, caregivers, industry vendors and seasoned healthcare professionals and clinicians. Conference collaborators include the RLD Group, LLC, Natural Wellness Boston, WearEase, LMNT, Own Your Labs, Care-Med, Original Ketones, and Lympha Press. They are also partnered with the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LEARN)

“I am thrilled to have Lisa officially become part of Lipedema Simplified and The Lipedema Project as we look towards helping more women worldwide to become more informed and empowered,” said Catherine Seo, Ph.D., CEO of Lipedema Simplified and The Lipedema Project.

“Lisa joins us at a time when the world is changing the value we place on physical appearance and is shifting towards helping prioritize a healthy and personalized approach to individual health and wellness. That being said, weight stigma and anti-fat bias are still prevalent, so having someone like Lisa on board is going to open new opportunities and bring forth new ideas that will help bring greater awareness to Lipedema Simplified and The Lipedema Project, allowing us to further our impact and improve lives around the globe for as many as 418 million women.”

Lipedema is a commonly misdiagnosed and misunderstood condition. According to the National Institutes of Health, this adipose tissue disorder is believed to affect nearly 11% of adult women globally. Lipedema Simplified is dedicated to reaching people who are in the early stages of lipedema and educating them on how to deter the progression of the disease.

Lipedema Simplified and The Lipedema Project provide a variety of online resources that support lipedema education, management, community support and more for individuals with the condition and their friends and loved ones.

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Lipedema Simplified, LLC is a free online web portal developed by CEO Catherine Seo, Ph.D., with information from experts about lipedema and resources for individuals suffering from the condition. A global resource, Lipedema Simplified was founded by Dr. Seo in 2013 as part of her personal journey and has now evolved to become The Lipedema Project, a nonprofit organization to provide more extensive offering of research, resources,9999 and knowledge to individuals with lipedema. Lipedema Simplified offers educational content, webinars, coaching, online and live events, a community group, e-books, recent research, and resources for medical, social, and community use including a find-a-provider portal. Learn more about Lipedema Simplified at Learn more about The Lipedema Project at

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