Lipedema Support Community

Welcome to the Lipedema Project, an organization dedicated to the fat disorder lipedema. Our mission is to raise awareness, provide education, support research, and encourage community engagement regarding lipedema. We offer information and support for women who think they may have the disease (lipedema affects women almost exclusively), as well as research and education about lipedema for clinicians who wish to better serve their patients.

The Lipedema Project is proud to partner with Inspire, the leading social network for health, to offer a place where patients and caregivers can connect and support one another in a safe, permission-based manner.  Inspire was created with the belief that patients and caregivers need a safe and secure place to support and connect with one another.

Join the Lipedema Project’s free support community at

The Lipedema Project is proud to support our free online community on for people dealing with lipedema. This free online community offer peer-to-peer support so you can connect with people who are in your shoes. You can start or respond to threads on the community, upload photos and search for specific topics to find other members who share the same interests.

To become a member of Inspire you need to register for an account. Click on the community link above. Click the “Sign up today” button at the top of the community home page. This will take you to the registration page, and after you complete the form, Inspire will send you an email to activate your account. Regardless of how many communities on Inspire you want to join, you only need to create one account. If you have any trouble signing up or finding the right group, you can email [email protected] for help.

    About The Friedman Center

    The Friedman Center for Breast and Lymphatic Surgery at The Center for Advanced Medicine at Northwell Health in New York was founded in 2013. Its focus has been on offering solutions for patients with lymphedema, a debilitating condition that occurs in many patients after cancer treatment.

    The Friedman Center’s scope of care now includes treatment for lipedema, a condition that can also result in lymphedema. To that end, the Friedman Center has created the Lipedema Project, a comprehensive program to increase awareness and provide education, research and treatment for lipedema. The Friedman Center is proud to sponsor the lipedema documentary, The Disease They Call FAT, the 1st International Symposium on Lipedema, the Lipedema Think Tank, the Lipedema Solutions Forum for women with lipedema in April 2015 and this online CME eduring materials course for physicians.