Meet Our Staff

We love our staff. It’s the time, dedication and attention to detail by these folks that makes everything we do possible. They are creative, talented and committed to making a contribution.

Information Director

Simone Cramer
Information Director & Project Specialist
Nevada, USA
[email protected]

Simone C. Cramer has a BA in History and comes from a strong computer software background. She spent four years as an admin of one of the largest Facebook communities as well as running two of her own lipedema related pages where her primary focus has been on collecting and organizing medical references for easy access online. Simone has helped with many groups and projects including organizing files, sharing information, editing content, audio recording conferences, and helping answer questions.

Her goals are to advocate for all the young girls and women who deserve better and the doctors who want to do better.

In her spare time she is a writer and musician.

Director, Worldwide Ambassador Program

Rebecca Griffeth
Director, Worldwide Ambassador Program
South Carolina
[email protected]

Rebecca L. Griffeth has a BS in Family and Consumer Sciences/Early Childhood Education and a Master of Church Ministries/Christian Education. She has served several congregations of the United Methodist Church in Texas, Tennessee, and South Carolina during her ministry. She is currently a Volunteer Coordinator with Open Arms Hospice, a ministry of Bon Secours St. Francis Health System.

Rebecca first learned about lipedema in March of 2015, and attended the Lipedema Symposium in NYC the following month. She has since worked hard to learn about the condition, get diagnosed, and manage her lipedema and lymphedema. Rebecca brings creativity and determination to her role as Director of the Ambassador Program and under her leadership the word about lipedema continues to spread to all corners of the globe.

Social Media

Nagina Vaidya
Marketing & Digital Media Strategist
Boston, USA
[email protected]

Nagina comes with a strong academic background. She has a Master of Management from Cambridge College and an MBA in finance from School of Business and Law, London, UK.  Previously she has worked in operations and finance for over two years.

She is responsible for marketing and digital media strategy to promote, monitor, create awareness by responding and developing content and manage social media penetration for the Lipedema Project. Nagina lives in Somerville, MA and enjoys cooking, watching movies and traveling.


Tess Sanderson
Social Media Community Manager
Lincolnshire, UK
[email protected]

Tess Sanderson manages social media communication for the Lipedema Project, and is also the Lipedema Project Ambassador in the UK. She promotes, educates, and informs about lipedema issues using Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.

Tess has a broad background as a development and training manager, administrator, and event organizer. She is an artist, song-writer and poet. Tess has Stage 3 lipolymphoedema, and she is dedicated to helping other women avoid the difficulties she has faced.

Media Production


Alisa Carbone
Production Manager & Lead Editor
Boston, USA
[email protected]

Alisa Carbone is Production Manager and Lead Editor for the Lipedema Project, where she has organized and edited over 1,000 hours of interview footage. She also edited the video,  Lymphedema Treatment Act Public Service Announcement.

Alisa holds an MA from Syracuse University and a BA from Allegheny College.  She loves working on projects to help the greater good, and developed the first television program produced by people with disabilities, Ablevision, in the Greater Boston area. Alisa lives with her husband Rob, and their two-year old son Leo and furbaby Penny.  


Hannah Cross
Cinematographer & Assistant Editor
Boston, USA
[email protected]

Hannah Cross works as a cinematographer and assistant editor for the Lipedema Project. She studied anthropology and film at Brandeis University, and became very attached to calling Somerville home.

Hannah works as a freelance video editor, and spends her spare time watching women’s soccer and being overinvested in her Dungeon & Dragons characters.

About The Lipedema Project

The Lipedema Project was founded in 2014 by Dr. Mark L. Smith, MD, FACS and Catherine Seo, PhD to begin the research and treatment for lipedema, a chronic fat disorder. Lipedema is a disease involving abnormal fat deposition that can result in pain, immobility, and lymphatic disturbances. Lipedema progresses over time often developing lymphedema, a chronic condition called lipolymphedema.

With obesity reaching epidemic proportions and anti-fat bias prevalent in healthcare, it becomes critical that patients are correctly diagnosed, that resources are invested in understanding this disease and how it can be treated, and that patients have the support, knowledge, and options to manage these chronic conditions.

Currently, The Lipedema Project, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization devoted to increasing awareness and providing education, research, and treatment for lipedema through online and face-to-face programs and building community.

The lipedema documentary is available for viewing on Facebook, Lipedema – The Disease They Call FAT.
The book is available on Amazon, Lipedema – The Disease They Call FAT: An Overview for Clinicians.