Lipedema Social Resources

Support in any situation can be helpful, but when it comes to navigating a complex disorder that has historically been ignored, support can make all the difference and is invaluable. There are many blogs, support groups, and Facebook groups of women who are at different stages of the journey. Join groups that call to you, and look for and connect with like-minded people. We are not alone, and support from the worldwide lipedema community can help YOU!

Please respect the privacy of patient groups. Review and agree to observe the rules & guidelines set forth by each group, though similar, each group has it’s own guidelines.

Blogs about Lipedema

Big Leg Woman
This blog, authored by lipedema sufferer Jane, documents Jane’s struggle with lipedema while educating about lipedema and related conditions.

Blog author Sarah shares her story and experience living with lipedema and lymphedema, having weight loss surgery, and engaging in health care and insurance advocacy for these conditions.

Dr. Dennis Wolf’s Blog
This blog post documents the experience of one of Dr. Wolf’s lipedema patients having Vaser liposuction with him.

Leigh’s Lipedema Journey
This blog chronicles Leigh’s journey with surgical treatment for stage 3 lipedema.

Lipedema Fitness
This inspirational blog documents Patricia’s journey with lipedema, love of fitness, and continuing to exercise despite the challenges that lipedema presents.
Erica’s personal blog is a collection of research, questions, findings, and experiences in the hopes of bringing more visibility to lipedema and helping other lipedema patients.

Lymphedema Blog
Author and lymphedema specialist Joachim Zuther writes this blog, which offers information about lymphedema treatment and management, as well as resources for finding therapists.

Lymphedema People
A web community whose mission is to inform lymphedema patients about the condition’s causes, complications, and treatments, and to share the knowledge that there is hope despite having the disease. The site includes a support forum, a wiki, and articles about lymphedema.

Lipedema Facebook Support Groups

Worldwide Lipedema Project Facebook Pages

Ambassadors of The Lipedema Project host multiple Facebook pages around the world for announcements and up to date news about lipedema and relevant issues. Find your local Facebook page here!

Facebook Groups US

Arizona Lipedema Ladies
Cheyenne’s Lipedema Journey
Friends of Lipedema Sisters USA
Lipedema Lipo Beverly Hills Dr Amron
Lipedema Sisters Chicago
Lipedema Sisters Mo/Kan
Lipedema Sisters Texas
Lipedema Sisters USA
Lipedema USA Español
Lipo for Lipedema in Beverly Hills
Lipo for Lipedema in St. Louis
Loving Life With Stage 1/2 Lipedema
Lymphedema and Lipedema Free Donated items
My Hump, My Bumps, My Lipedema Lumps…This Lippy Girls’ Journey
Ohio Lipedema Sisters
Paleo Diet for Lipedema Ladies
Rocky Mountain Lipedema Sisters
Vegans with Lipedema
Virginia lipedema/lymphedema support
Wa State Lipedema Sisters USA

Facebook Groups UK

Lipoedema Ladies Private Chat

Facebook Groups Australia

Lipedema Ladies Australia
Lipoedema (Australia) Support Society
Talk Lipoedema on Liposuction
Talk Lipoedema Private Chat

Facebook Groups Canada

Lipedema Canadian Support Group
Lipedema Chicks Canada
Lipedema Chicks London Ontario

Facebook Groups Chile


Facebook Groups Italy


Facebook Groups New Zealand

New Zealand Lymphoedema/Lipoedema/Lipo-Lymphoedema

Facebook Groups International/For Everyone

Compassion Warriors: Lipoedema 3 & 4
Gluten-free Lipedema Ladies
International Lipedema supportgroup
Lipedema Comedy Spotlight
Lipedema Education
Lipedema Fitness
Lipedema Lifestyle Project
Lipedema Lymphedema Used and New Products/Clothing
Lipedema/Lymphedema WARRIOR TRIBE
Lipedema REV’N (Research, Education, Volunteer Network)
Lipedema Sisters Prayer Group
Lipedema Support Group
Lipo for Lipedema in Germany
Liposuction for Lipedema
Lymphedema/Lipedema PT/Patient Get Together

Facebook Pages

Lipoedema Ladies 
Lipedema-The Misunderstood Fat