FIND A LIPEDEMA SPECIALIST: Lipedema-Lipoedema-Lipödem Provider Worldwide Directory

If you are looking for effective strategies to treat lipedema & lymphedema be sure to scroll down.

The Lipedema/Lipoedema Project Provider Directory has been compiled by the worldwide network of lipedema ladies. Our main goal is to provide resources that can support you in your journey with lipedema.

The following are listed:

  • Doctors/Clinicians
  • Surgeons
  • Lymphatic Therapists/MLD & Compression
  • LE&RN’s Comprehensive Centers of Excellence (COE)
  • Alternative Medicine/Fitness

We do not recommend any particular provider. Providers listed were added by someone who has been treated by or knew of them.

We support conservative care inclusive of nutrition, movement, and complete decongestive therapies. While we do not support surgery as a first-line treatment, surgeons are listed for diagnosis and treatment as a viable option for some. This list is not intended to be a referral list for surgery.

If you have a provider or are a provider, who is diagnosing, treating, or caring for lipedema patients and would like to be added to the directory, please contact [email protected] with information and we will follow up with you.

American Lymphedema Framework Project (ALFP) provides a search directory to locate trained specialists in lymphedema management. These therapists are generally trained in lipedema as well and can be very helpful for both diagnosis and treatment. DIRECTORY HERE

Special thanks to all the lipedema ladies who ongoingly contribute to this directory. We update this directory regularly.

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