Lipedema Awareness Month

There are 17 million women in the USA and many more globally who have Lipedema and don’t know it yet. But we are changing that, together!

June is Lipedema Awareness Month 

We have a calendar full of activities for those who have lipedema or for those who think they might have it. Bring your questions, and your answers too. Join the conversation.

Let’s make sure more people become aware of this little-known, generally misdiagnosed disorder. Come join us!

Lipedema Awareness Month June 2023 by Lipedema Simplified and The Lipedema Project

Lipedema Awareness Challenge

5 days of events from our world-class experts plus YOU!
June 7-8-9-10 & 14, 2023

Welcome Kickoff Party June 6 @ 5:00 pm Eastern time.
Bonus Sessions will be on June 21 & 28!

Presentations, current updates about Lipedema, and worldwide Lipedema ladies. We will have talks and time for LIVE Q&A with small group discussions. It’s time to get answers to your questions about lipedema and what you can do. Don’t miss this opportunity since it may be the only time we do this.

Lipedema Awareness Challenge June 2023 by Lipedema Simplified and The Lipedema Project

Wednesday, June 7

What is Lipedema?: What You Need to Know
Catherine Seo, Ph.D. & Gail Straker, BA Ed & Siobhan Huggins

>> What is lipedema?
>> Understanding the characteristics, stages, and types of lipedema
>> Lipedema: It really isn’t your fault!
>> Plus generous time for conversation & networking with other lipedema ladies

Thursday, June 8

What you can do right now: About nutrition, keto & more
Siobhan Huggins

>> Ketogenic Lifestyle: How low carb works for lipedema
>> Gentle approach to your body & hunger
>> Plus generous time for conversation & networking with other lipedema ladies

Friday, June 9

It can get better: About MLD & everything CDT
Leslyn Keith, OTD, CLT-LANA

>> Our AMAZING Lymphatic System
>> Manual Lymphatic Drainage and much more
>> Plus generous time for conversation & networking with other lipedema ladies

Saturday, June 10

Surgery & a Holistic Approach for complementary care
Catherine Seo, Ph.D. & Gail Straker, BA Ed

Cara Cruz, Pale Ginger Pear

>> Why surgery & how it can help
>> Pre-op and post-op – how a Holistic Approach can help
>> Plus generous time for conversation & networking with other lipedema ladies

Wednesday, June 14

Celebrating Community, Your Wins & What’s Next
Catherine Seo, Ph.D., Leslyn Keith, OTD, CLT-LANA, Gail Straker, BA Ed, Siobhan Huggins

>> Wins
>> Still challenging
>> What’s next
>> Plus generous time for conversation & networking with other lipedema ladies


So many lipedema ladies have joined our community because of the holistic learning that only love, support, and guidance from like-minded others can facilitate. As our community grows, we can’t help but look back at our beginnings and feel deep GRATITUDE to everyone! Truly TOGETHER IS BETTER!

Having this disorder can bring so much pain and anxiety that can make you feel like you’re alone, misunderstood, and unheard.

PLEASE remember… 

We see you, we hear you, we feel YOU. We have your back!

And this month of June, celebrate Lipedema Awareness Month with us as we open many of our TRIBE community events FREE for everybody for the entire month!

We’ll have webinars, meditation classes, exercise and stretching classes, a book club, and many more activities to raise awareness and expand our existing knowledge of Lipedema. 

We hope you join us! Your presence means a step towards your own self-care and adds to the whole community. Hope to see you soon!

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About The Lipedema Project

The Lipedema Project was founded in 2014 by Dr. Mark L. Smith, MD, FACS and Catherine Seo, PhD to begin the research and treatment for lipedema, a chronic fat disorder. Lipedema is a disease involving abnormal fat deposition that can result in pain, immobility, and lymphatic disturbances. Lipedema progresses over time often developing lymphedema, a chronic condition called lipolymphedema.

With obesity reaching epidemic proportions and anti-fat bias prevalent in healthcare, it becomes critical that patients are correctly diagnosed, that resources are invested in understanding this disease and how it can be treated, and that patients have the support, knowledge, and options to manage these chronic conditions.

Currently, The Lipedema Project, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization devoted to increasing awareness and providing education, research, and treatment for lipedema through online and face-to-face programs and building community.

The lipedema documentary is available for viewing on Facebook, Lipedema – The Disease They Call FAT.
The book is available on Amazon, Lipedema – The Disease They Call FAT: An Overview for Clinicians.