Tissue Congestion Lymphoedema, Lipoedema

Tissue Congestion Lymphoedema, Lipoedema

Medi; 2015

Synopsis: This comprehensive guide for lipedema and lymphedema provides information about both conditions, treatment options, and possible results for patients with good outcomes.

Abstract: Dear Reader,

You’ve had an operation, hurt yourself, an insect has bitten you, or your ankle, arm or leg is suddenly thick and swollen for no apparent reason. Treatment with an ointment, a dressing and some rest usually helps to reduce the swelling, but not always! There are swellings that tend to get worse. They can have different causes. The most common is a disease of the lymphatic system called lymphoedema.

There is a tremendous need for information. According to cautious estimates about three million people in Germany alone are affected by lymphatic diseases. Another form of oedema is caused by a disturbance of fat distribution, usually over the thighs and calves, the arms are often affected as well. Those who are affected by this so-called lipoedema usually know little about it. They feel neglected and unsuccessful diets often accompany their suffering.

This guide takes a look at lymphoedema and lipoedema. Both forms of oedema are chronic, but respond well to todays therapy. This guide will provide you with all the basic information, and shows you how effective treatment can look.

Your medi Lymphology team

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