Information Leaflet for Patients with Lipoedema

Information Leaflet for Patients with Lipoedema

JOBST – Schmeller W, Meier-Vollrath I; 2009

Synopsis: Lipedema patients can use this synopsis to learn more about their disease, and to help them understand and evaluate the various therapeutic options available to treat lipedema.

Abstract: Although much has been published about lipoedema during the past decade, this disease continues to be relatively unknown; it is still overlooked and/or mistaken for obesity (overweight) or lymphoedema by many doctors. As a result, the information and therapy instructions given to afflicted individuals is often either incorrect or only partially covers the aspects of this disease.

This brochure was designed to help you learn more about lipoedema and to enable you to evaluate and get the most benefit from available therapeutic options. All important information is presented concisely in the form of questions and answers. Please keep in mind that many aspects of this disease remain unclear to date. As with most other diseases (e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, varicosis, rheumatism, etc.), the symptoms and discomforts are fairly well known, but the underlying causes are not. However, our insights have become much more extensive in the past few years.

Since crucial progress has been made in recent years especially with regard to the treatment of lipoedema, there are some very effective measures now available that have a positive impact on all aspects of this chronic disease. This allows you to live a largely “normal life without major limitations, at a quality level that until recently was unthinkable. Meanwhile, a wealth of information has become accessible through the internet, where you can get help from specialised doctors, physiotherapists, and other patients afflicted by this disease. There is no longer reason for despair.

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