Talking to Dr. Hakan Brorson

Talking to Dr. Hakan Brorson

Verhoeff J; 2008

Synopsis: This interview with Dr. Hakan Brorson depicts his finding a link between liposuction and third stage lymphedema.

Abstract: Plastic surgery is about three kinds of surgery: plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Plastic and reconstructive surgery include for example the restoration of the nose lost in a traffic accident or a by cancer affecting the ear, severe burns; the malformations in children like harelip, open palate or malformations of the genital region are treated. Aesthetic surgery is about making reconstructions as good as possible, but also to make people look younger and more beautiful than they are. A reconstruction of the breast of a breast cancer patient to make the breast look like the other one is of course an aesthetic thing also but it is not cosmetic surgery like botox injections and breast enlargements. Dr. Brorson is working at the Malmö University Hospital, Malmö, Sweden in the reconstructive surgery. He wrote a thesis called Liposuction and controlled compression therapy in the treatment of arm lymphedema following breast cancer, Malmö, 1998.

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