Sattler G, Bergfeld D, Sommer B; 2004

Synopsis: [Article in German] This is an overview of the various types of liposuction techniques.

Abstract: Through the appropriate use of tumescent anesthesia and the use of modern instruments and techniques, liposuction surgery has become a low-risk procedure which produces predictable and aesthetically pleasing results. New indications for liposuction surgery include lipedema and cellulite. Vibration-assisted liposuction has proven to be especially gentle to the tissues. The induced tissue contraction helps to create better results in correction procedures after less-than-satisfactory liposuction. Autologous fat transfer is also firmly established as an augmentation procedure. In liporecycling, the fat obtained during reduction liposuction is used elsewhere for augmentation. New approaches in fat transfer include the microdroplet technique, flatter injection approaches and three-dimensional tissue augmentation.

APA Citation: Sattler, G., Bergfeld, D., & Sommer, B. (2004). Liposuktion. Der Hautarzt, 55(7), 599-604.

AMA Citation: Sattler G, Bergfeld D, Sommer B. Liposuktion. Der Hautarzt. 2004;55(7):599-604.

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