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Synopsis: This article discusses liposuction for lymphedema, addressing questions about the procedure, efficacy, and risks and complications; it also provides supportive research studies.

Abstract: A new and still somewhat controversial treatment for lymphedema has emerged from Sweden. Head of the lymphedema unit in the department of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Malmo University Hospital, Dr. Hakan Brorson reports that in the 70 lymphedema patients he treated with this method said that his patients had complete reduction of swelling with no recurrence.

Despite that he does recommend to patients that they continue therapy which includes wearing controlled compression bandages. Candidates for the procedure are person with severe arm lymphedema with no pitting and who have been non responsive to other therapies. Its controversial because of the fact he makes 15 to 20 small incisions on the arm. Of course this type of invasive procedure opens the arm up to be at high risk for an infectious complication. He also has reported that there have been no such occurrences.

The information provided on this page is neither an endorsement of or a statement against the use of liposuction for the treatment of lymphedema. It is presented as education for the lymphedema patient. Please read and consider carefully all the information before you make any decision and attempt this treatment.

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