About the Podcast

Our world is changing. Technology and the availability of information, ease of connecting to others, communication internationally have all contributed to opportunities unseen before now. Healthcare is changing. Come on a journey with Erez Dayan and Catherine Seo exploring these changes and bringing the innovators in Healthcare to share with you each week. Share the journey of exploration each week with those creating the new paradigm and innovating how we provide and receive Healthcare.

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About your Cohosts

A collaboration amongst experts worldwide brings knowledge of the lymphatic system, and specifically lipedema, lymphedema and obesity. A process that took 18 months Lipedema-The Disease They Call FAT: An Overview for Clinicians offers a thoughtful and concise overview of this little known and generally mis-diagnosed fat disorder for healthcare professionals and for patients as well.

Erez Dayan, MD

Dr. Erez Dayan is from the Harvard Plastic Surgery Program in Boston, Massachusetts. He has been actively involved in seminal research related to surgical treatments for lymphedema and new technology and imaging modalities for assessing fluid and fat content of various body parts. He has lectured and published on these topics on over 100 occasions nationally and internationally.

Catherine A. Seo, PhD

Dr. Catherine Seo is Co-Director of the Lipedema Project and Founder and Director of Lipedema Simplified, LLC. She produced and directed the documentary The Disease They Call FAT. She holds a doctorate in Media Psychology. She has developed online courses on lipedema for patients and healthcare professionals as well as multi-media learning tools.

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About The Friedman Center

The Friedman Center for Lymphedema Research and Treatment at The Center for Advanced Medicine at Northwell Health in New York was founded in 2013. Its focus has been on offering solutions for patients with lymphedema, a debilitating condition that occurs in many patients after cancer treatment.

The Friedman Center’s scope of care now includes treatment for lipedema, a condition that can also result in lymphedema. To that end, the Friedman Center has created the Lipedema Project, a comprehensive program to increase awareness and provide education, research and treatment for lipedema. The Friedman Center is proud to sponsor the lipedema documentary, The Disease They Call FAT, the 1st International Symposium on Lipedema, the Lipedema Think Tank, the Lipedema Solutions Forum for women with lipedema in April 2015 and this online CME eduring materials course for physicians.