Beyond Lipedema:
5 Steps to Living Your BEST Life with the Disease They Call FAT

Lipedema – The Disease They Call FAT  is a fat disorder that affects women and is often mistaken for simple obesity.


MasterClass 6 month Program
gain mastery with lipedema
February-August 2018

Generally under-recognized and misdiagnosed, symptoms include pain, swelling and weight gain that is resistant to diet and exercise. Lipedema progresses and without intervention worsens over time. During the past few years we have discovered ways to manage and transform lipedema in 5 domains: 1) Physical, 2) Mental/Psychological, 3) Emotional, 4) Spiritual and 5) Social. This MasterClass covers information about this emerging treatment for those with lipedema.

    About Your Facilitators

    This Masterclass is a collaboration between The Lipedema Project, the Center for Releasing and Whole Spectrum Healing.  Your facilitators, Catherine Seo, PhD and Kate Freeman have been teaching and coaching since the early 1980s. They have taught courses for the lipedema community together for the past couple of years. This new program brings the best of what they offer to help transform your experience of living with the disease.

    Guest speakers include Mark L. Smith, MD, FACS; Joanna Dudek, PhD; Leslyn Keith, OTD; Mende Staggs; Megan Vogel, MSW, LMT; and Jacyntha Kamor as well as several others.

    Catherine Seo, PhD
    Co-Director, The Lipedema Project

    Catherine Seo, PhD is Co-Director of the Lipedema Project and Founder and Director of Lipedema Simplified, LLC. She is producer and director of the documentary The Disease They Call FAT and one of ten co-authors of the book Lipedema – The Disease They Call FAT: An Overview for Clinicians.

    She holds a doctorate in Media Psychology. Her research has been focused on empowering women who experience distortions of body image. She has been involved with Releasing since 1977 and has facilitated Releasing courses worldwide. Dr. Seo has developed online courses on lipedema for patients and healthcare professionals as well as multi-media learning tools.

    Kate Freeman
    Co-Director, Center for Releasing

    Kate Freeman is Co-Director of the Center for Releasing. She has been facilitating Releasing in courses, retreats and in coaching sessions for almost 40 years. Kate brings a tender but knowing attention to her work with clients, often facilitating life changing shifts with the gentleness of a whisper.

    Kate’s focus is in mirroring true presence in such a way that those she works with can feel safe and grounded in delving into whatever the next challenge is as it appears. Kate facilitates retreats, courses and coaching worldwide. This collaboration with good friend Catherine is both fun and powerful.

    About The Friedman Center

    The Friedman Center for Lymphedema Research and Treatment at The Center for Advanced Medicine at Northwell Health in New York was founded in 2013. Its focus has been on offering solutions for patients with lymphedema, a debilitating condition that occurs in many patients after cancer treatment.

    The Friedman Center’s scope of care now includes treatment for lipedema, a condition that can also result in lymphedema. To that end, the Friedman Center has created the Lipedema Project, a comprehensive program to increase awareness and provide education, research and treatment for lipedema. The Friedman Center is proud to sponsor the lipedema documentary, The Disease They Call FAT, the 1st International Symposium on Lipedema, the Lipedema Think Tank, the Lipedema Solutions Forum for women with lipedema in April 2015 and this online CME eduring materials course for physicians.